Strong B.A.N.D.S. “Longest Drive” Competition (Week 4)

May 28, 2021 | 11:00am-1:00pm | Riverview Golf Course, A Ave., Bldg. 300 , New Cumberland, PA

Are you ready to “grip it” and “rip it”?!?!

Loosen up your hips and get ready because the “Longest Drive” Competition is taking place every Friday throughout the month of May (May 7, 14, 21, & 28)!

  • Time slots available between 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • Participants must sign up for a date/time slot by calling (717) 770-6428 in advance to coordinate a MWR staff member witnessing and recording each qualifying shot, otherwise, participant’s drives will not be included. 

Compete to see if you can drive the golf ball the farthest and win the Grand Prize!

How to participate:

  • Utilizing Hole #1, each participant will tee off 3 times from the “blue” tee box attempting to hit his or her ball the farthest.
  • Each drive must land inside the designated boundaries (field of play) to be considered legal & be recorded as a qualifying shot.
  • Each participant’s qualifying shots will be recorded & their longest will be entered in the running to win the grand prize.
  • At the end of the month, the participant with the longest drive will receive the grand prize & ultimate bragging rights!
  • All shots must be measured & recorded by a Riverview Golf Course or a Fitness Center staff member using an approved GPS device. 

Challenge yourself! Compete against others! Promote your health and fitness while doing something you love!

  • Each participant should be prepared to use his/her own personal golf clubs.
  • Special requests to temporarily borrow a golf club may be accommodated by partnering with the Riverview Golf Course Pro Shop by calling (717) 770-5199.

The month of May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, join MWR Susquehanna Fitness Department to show that you are strong, ready and resilient by participating in this Strong B.A.N.D.S. event!

  • All patrons who participate in this event will earn a special Strong B.A.N.D.S. wristband.

*REMINDER: Strict social distancing policies apply, and face coverings are required to be worn. Please contact us for additional verbal instructions from our employees for implemented safety protocols, procedures, and accommodations. Please note, changes may occur due to COVID-19 precautions.

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