Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping With Jenny Opdycke from SWMI Health Matters

May 14, 2021 | 11:30am-12:30pm |

Join MWR on Friday, May 14th from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM EST for the Lunch & Learn Presentation: Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping. Tapping is an easy to learn, easy to use set of tools and perspectives that gives us the power to gently (and often quickly) change our brain for deep healing, learning, and growth. EFT is an alternative therapy for physical and emotional pain, as well as anxiety, depression, stress and post-traumatic disorder (PTSD).

Topics Covered:

  • Calming yourself
  • Relieve stress & anxiety
  • Relieve physical pain

Jenny_Office Pic_smJenny Opdycke, PA-C
Co-Owner and Provider
SWMI Health Matters

Jenny Opdycke, PA-C is co-owner and provider at SWMI Health Matters – a family medicine and holistic wellness center located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Jenny graduated in 2003 from Western Michigan University and has been practicing medicine for over 15 years. She has medical experience in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Critical Care, Palliative Care/Hospice, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, and Cardiovascular/General Surgery. She completed post-graduate training in Crisis Intervention, Behavioral Health, Trauma Recovery, Emotional Processing, Nutrition/Ketogenic, Meditation, Mindfulness and Holistic Wellness. Jenny is passionate about empowering patients to reclaim their natural state of health and well-being utilizing the best aspects of traditional and integrative medicine.

Join us May 14th through the following links or call-in number:
Web Conf Url: https://conference.apps.mil/webconf/Tapping
Call In: 410-874-6300 or DSN: 312-874-6300Access:395692872

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