Healthy Snacking with MSU Extension

January 26, 2021 | 11:30am-12:30pm |

Join MWR Fitness Center for a presentation on Healthy Snacking.  Presenter will be Allisen Rogers, B.S., Community Nutrition Instructor with Michigan State University Extension.  Presentation will be virtual.


What is the difference between and snack and a treat?

A snack you can have every day, and a treat is something you look forward to having on occasion.  Knowing the difference will help you in making healthy snacks for you and your family.

Join this presentation to learn about:

  • Making tasty snacks that are family-friendly and great for your health
  • Types of snacks to help keep you satisfied for longer
  • Making your own grab-and-go snacks, that will give you energy and keep you healthy

· Snacks don’t have to be boring — spice them up!

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Call In: 410-874-6300 or DSN: 312-874-6300    Access:  639140050

Reasonable Accommodations Available Upon Request.

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